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Pastor Fernando and Pastor Edna Montes De Oca have been in the ministry since 1997. Their mandate from the Lord is to preach His Word uncompromised. They are called to open the scriptures and reveal the oracles of God to His people. They operate in the Apostolic office as prophetic teachers, preachers and as the Spirit of God moves, as evangelists. They have ministered in a variety of churches and countless Bible studies. They both have held many positions within the church as Elders, 1st Assistant Pastors, Youth Pastors, on the Board, Secretary/Treasurer, and Head Intercessor. Their mission to the body of Christ is to bring a greater depth of the Word of God to the church. That the office of a teacher as described in Ephesians ch. 4 would be restored to the people of God. Their greatest calling is to bring illumination of the Word into the hearts and minds of the saints. They are called to passionately equip, raise, empower, and to spiritually train the church of Christ.

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